So you’ve got your whole naturally curly hair shampoo/non-shampoo routine down, but what can you do to maintain curly hair between washes? Here are 2 ways to go:

  1. Give your hair a good water rinse and scrub in the shower. This is great for people who exercise in the morning and want a full shower after their workout. Use your finger tips while under the water spray, and with short, quick, back and forth motions, give the entire scalp a gentle yet thorough scrub. Just pretend you’re rubbing invisible shampoo all over your scalp. Doing this will wash away any dirt and sweat, leaving you with a clean scalp. When done with the hair rinse, apply gel (if you use any) to your wet hair. Use a retired t-shirt to scrunch your hair dry and you’re done.

  1. Reactivate your hair with a water spritz. After a night’s sleep, we know the dark secret of how our curls can look. Their perky bounce and unique shape are gone, only to be replaced with a head of flat, lifeless, and smooshed curls. No need to panic! Simply fill a clean spray bottle with water and give your curls a light spritz. Then use your fingers to scrunch and style. Those natural curls will reappear in no time and no one’s the wiser!

Try these and let us know in the comments how they work for you. Or, feel free to share your own between hair washing routine with the Curlygal crowd!

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