We know that naturally curly hair is a gift, and that this gift has some, shall we say, “strings” attached. One of these strings is the texture of curly hair and its proclivity to dryness, which may result in a lack of shine. Never fear! CurlyGal has tips to conquer the curly hair quest for shiny hair. These 5 tips for shiny naturally curly hair are simple, cost little to no money, and can be done at home. Interested? Read on to bring out the shine!

1) Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil – This is a great way to give those curls shine, while also cutting down on frizz. Start with a dime size amount, rub it between your hands, and lightly run your fingers and palms over the ends of your hair. If your hair needs more, use more, but be judicious. You want to achieve shiny curls, not greasy hair! Also, coconut oil solidifies in cold weather, so always start with a small amount, using your hands to rub and melt the oil before applying. If you’re not a fan of the coconut smell, simply add a few drops of your favorite smelling essential oil.

2) Swap Your Towel for a T-Shirt – Dry your hair using a retired t-shirt rather than a towel. A towel will rob all moisture from curly hair, but a t-shirt merely absorbs excess water. This retains the beloved moisture, keeps your natural curl’s pattern and gives shine to your hair. The first step is to apply your usual gel or product to dripping wet hair. Then use the t-shirt towel to gently hold a section of your hair, cup it with your hands, and scrunch in an upward fashion. Do this over your entire head. Style as usual, air dry, and watch those curls shine!

3) Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse – Did you know that along with removing pesky product residue from hair, Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) also detangles, softens, and ADDS SHINE to your naturally curly hair? How, you say? By closing the hair cuticles, which makes the light reflect off of your hair. Closed hair cuticles + reflective light = shiny hair! Mix 1 part ACV, 1 part water (I do ¼ cup each), and a few drops of your favorite essential oil (optional), and pour all over your hair after shampooing. Caution: vinegar stings the eyes! Then, use fingertips to gently scrub the mixture into your scalp. Let sit a few minutes, then rinse with water. That’s it – no need to even use conditioner! The vinegar smell dissipates as your hair dries, but use the essential oil if you’re leery of a remaining vinegary scent. Do this up to twice a week for curly hair that shines.

4) Keep Hair Product Usage in Check – So many products for curly hair, so very little time! Yet, using too many products on your hair eventually results in buildup, which will give you dull, listless hair. Don’t panic! You can continue to use product on your curls, just watch how your hair looks and feels. If your curly hair appears weighed down, feels crunchy or dry, or doesn’t style as usual, it’s time to cleanse those curls. Use a trusted clarifying shampoo, or better yet, use the apple cider vinegar rinse to do the cleansing. Your hair will thank you by feeling great and looking shiny!

5) Naturally Dry Your Natural Curls – Naturally curly hair and blow dryers just don’t mix. Hair dryers not only frizz your curls, they also deprive them of their beautiful shape, their plucky bounce, and, in the end, their shine. Give your hair independence from the dryer and let it air dry all by itself. Over time, you’ll see dull looking hair transform into a head of lustrous curls!

Know a simple way to make your curls shiny? Share with us what works for you!

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