Growing up with naturally curly hair was a bit of a challenge for me. Out of 6 kids, I was the only girl with curls. My mom, who has thick straight hair, didn’t know what to do with my locks. When I was really little, she just did what she had done with my sisters: gather a small section of hair in the middle of my head and wrap a rubber band around it. That was great for toddlerhood, but as I got older, the charm of this look began to fade. Then came the challenges. Not knowing any better, my mom would brush my hair. Brush + natural curls = FRIZZ. And, oh the tears! Rinse off hair conditioners weren’t common and not something we used. So, the hair brushing became a crying session for me, and a trying time for my mom. The result? My hair needed to be kept short. Short, curly hair is adorable when the curls are kept intact. But when they’re brushed? It’s a whole different look. Because I grew up with misunderstood curls, I give to you the gift of cute and easy hairstyles for your curly headed little one. Enjoy and relish those curls and your child will learn to do the same!


Keep them curly!

Curls are beautiful! The simplest and best way to display them is to not brush them. The easiest style for a curly headed child is to let their curls be curly. Use your fingers to “brush” the hair, and squirt with water to tone or tame it, if necessary. Running your fingers through their hair instead of using an actual brush keeps the frizz at bay. This style works for girls or boys and with any face shape.

Swept Back

You’ve got to love the headband and how it keeps those curls swept away from the face. What a fun, inexpensive, and low maintenance accessory that quickly sweeps the curls back, while still keeping your child’s “curly-ness”. Headbands come in a variety of styles to suit any personality, and work for all hair textures, thicknesses, and lengths. Oh yes, ribbons, scarves, and bandanas work for this look as well!

Fountain of Curls

To create this adorable look for your little girl, gently gather the top front section of her hair and secure it with an elastic band. This will create a mini pony tail, which, thanks to her curls, will resemble a fountain of curls. VERY cute! This style works best on short, bob style hair. Plus, it is great for all curl types, from mellow waves to serious curls. There are a plethora of adorable elastics or rubber bands you can use, but don’t feel like you need to. All the attention will be on the curly fountain!

Long Curly Locks

In step with keeping those curls curly, this style is great for kids with long hair. Why not keep it simple and show off those long curls, waves, or spirals? Simply use your fingers to “comb” very wet hair, scrunch it, and let the curls do the rest. Doing this while the hair is wet will keep the structure of those beautiful waves, curls, and coils in tact. When the hair is dry, your child will have an enviable head of long wavy/curly locks. And, there’s no need to use any product – yay!

Classic Pigtails

Pigtails and kids just go together, don’t they? Just because your child has curly hair, doesn’t mean she has to miss out on this everlasting trend. As a matter of fact, pigtails with natural curls seem to be meant for each other. Achieve this adorable and easy style by parting the hair down the middle or on the side, then using elastics or rubber bands to secure low pigtails behind each ear. You can get as simple or fancy as you’d like, because curly pigtails are charming no matter how accessorized they are! This is a great style for girls with medium or long curly hair, and works for any level of curlyness, hair texture, and face shape.

Have an adorable yet easy hairstyle for your naturally curly loved one?  Want to share it?  We want to see it – send us a photo!

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