Finding a good hairdresser or haircut is hard for everyone. It does tend to be more complicated with curly hair, however, since many women prefer their hair straight. So, we are stuck with haircuts meant for those with straight hair. What tends to happen is we straighten our hair or end up with the dreaded ‘pyramid cut.’ However, there are haircuts for curly hair! If you aren’t comfortable cutting your own hair, start by finding yourself a good hairdresser.

A good way to begin your search is to ask women whose curly haircuts you like who cuts their hair. You may also want to look online at reviews for hairdressers. Search locally too, as many hairdressers have walk-in hours at their workplace, and ask if they have worked with curly hair before. The key here is to ask!

For the haircuts themselves, avoid too many layers or only one length all around. Too many layers can create too much volume and a circular cut, much like a halo effect. Although this afro-like cut is sometimes preferred, it is more difficult to control. On the opposite side of the spectrum, wearing your hair all one length will drag down the shape of your hair. Curls are heavy, and thus will form the dreaded pyramid shape atop your head.

Instead, if you are working with longer hair, cut only a few layers and begin them about six inches from the top of your head, or at about the halfway point of your face. The exact length will vary slightly depending on facial shape, but it’s a good starting point. This shorter layer will lift the weight from the bottom of your hair, and at the same time give nice shape to your curls. A few other layers below that may be needed, just add them sparingly. I would recommend against bangs, but some sloping layers around the face are flattering in place of them.

If you are cutting your own hair, there are many techniques you can use. Many women cut their curls dry, and you should avoid cutting them soaking wet, as you lose much of the natural shape. Make sure you have hair cutting scissors (they’re sharper than household scissors). Begin by trimming the split ends, then move on to changing actual length if you desire. It is best to focus on each curl individually, and to “sculpt.” These are guidelines because there are tons of techniques, simply find the best one for you!

Take your time researching curly hair cuts and methods, but don’t be afraid to take that initial jump. After all, it will grow back!

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