Styling curly hair without product can sound like a nearly insurmountable task for anyone, but curly hair can make it seem impossible. However, with these tips and a small bit of confidence, you too can become a no-product pro.

  • Know your hair. Yes, you see it every day, but do you know its tendencies and natural texture? For example, mine is curlier in the back than the front and coarser near the nape of my neck. This is something you need to know and accept when you’re styling because it is what you will deal with each time you get ready.
  • Give it time. There will be a trial period where your hair will not look good. You are used to the look of it with gel and your curls are likely worn out from daily use of product. Don’t distress, these days will end. Give your hair anywhere from a week to a month, and maybe try a different haircut if things are still rough by the end of 4 weeks because certain haircuts can weigh down your hair. Feel free to wear it up while your hair is readjusting (I did). Again, work with what you have.
  • Avoid heat. It is vital that you use as little heat as possible to prevent frizz. If you shower in the mornings, let your hair air-dry. Your curls look smoothest if you don’t use a diffuser (don’t even think about hot air from a hair dryer) and have the patience to let your hair air-dry. A cool water rinse at the end of your shower is a good idea to decrease frizz too, since it closes the follicles opened up by the hot water. I have also noticed that putting my hair up in a loose ponytail helps while drying to prevent a damp shirt.
  • Use water. This is the closest to any product you are going to get, especially if you don’t wash it in the mornings. Resist temptation on exceptionally bad hair days to reach for product and instead reach for a squirt bottle with water in it. I like to spray all over my hair and adjust until it’s how I want it to look. I will also run my fingers over and down the sides of my hair to flatten any frizz after I’ve sprayed. If worst comes to worst, just “restart” and soak your hair in cool water, letting it air dry.
  • Don’t brush. This was the hardest step for me to take but it has worked wonders. Many women comb their hair while wet with a wide-toothed comb and this is just fine. At some point, though, try not combing at all. You’ll notice your curls are fuller and less stringy, the shape of your hair is less triangular, and there is LESS FRIZZ. By not brushing your hair, you are not interrupting the direction and shape of your curls and also not breaking the individual hairs. Both of these contribute to frizz.
  • Be kind to yourself. You must learn to accept (if you haven’t already) that your hair will not always look how you’d like. Be patient with your hair and step out of your comfort zone. Many of my bad hair days I actually get more compliments on my hair than on good ones. Your curls are beautiful, you are beautiful, and if you learn to love your curls, others will too.

What about you? Do you successfully style your hair without product? If so, share and share alike – we’d love to hear about it!

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