Although a traditional bath towel is great for absorbing moisture on the body, if used on your hair, it becomes curly hair enemy #1. However if you swap that bath towel for a cotton t-shirt, you’ll find that a t-shirt towel is the best way to dry curly hair. The flat surface of a t-shirt will prevent frizz and breakage, keep the curls in tact, and even give your hair shine. Making the switch is easy. Just find a cotton t-shirt that you’re ready to retire, and use it to blot and scrunch (not rub!) your hair. You can work with the t-shirt as is, or easily fashion a long rectangular sized one by cutting it horizontally across, just under the arm holes, and then vertically, down along a seam. Use your t-shirt towel, watch your beautiful, healthy curls emerge, then comment and tell us all about it!

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