It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Just pick up a brush and work it through that head of hair. Get those tangles out? Make your hair smooth and shiny? Not so with curls. Not only do curls and brushes not mix, but your curls should NEVER make contact with a brush. Let me be clear: NEVER BRUSH CURLY HAIR. Here’s why you need to know this and what you can do instead.

All scalps, no matter what type of hair they hold, produce a natural oil known as sebum. Sebum keeps hair soft and protects it, whether its straight, curly, or somewhere in between. With straight hair, the sebum wicks down the shaft easily, moisturizing the entire length of the shaft. Brushing straight hair helps distribute these oils thoroughly. Not so with curls. Because of their irregular bumps and ridges, curls cannot properly distribute the natural oil from the scalp through to the ends. As a result, the sebum stays on your scalp, never wicking its way through the hair shafts. It ends up just sitting there doing nothing but collecting dust and whatever else is in the air.

If that’s not reason enough to never brush curly hair, how about the frizz and damage that result from brushing? Brushing muddles your beautiful clumps of natural curls. Those lovely, unique curl patterns become one blurry mass of frizz. Brushing breaks up the formation and integrity of your curls, changing your natural gift into the curse of the dreaded head of triangular frizz. Not only that, because your curls naturally resist the brush, this results in your hair being (painfully!) yanked at the root and/or broken into split ends. Brushing curly hair creates damaged curly hair.

Have no fear, for the solution is simple. Banish the brush. Get a wide tooth comb. Use the wide tooth comb to detangle your curls, but ONLY when your hair is wet. Again, use a wide tooth comb to detangle WET curls. Here’s how to easily make it a part of your curly hair regimen: While in the shower, do your usual shampoo/non shampoo routine and rinse. Apply conditioner, and, working from the ends up, slowly comb your way toward your scalp until your entire head of wet hair has been detangled. Rinse out the conditioner (or keep it in, if that’s what you do), and you’re done! No more frizz. No more tears. Just beautifully shaped natural curls. Ready to give up the brush? Tell us how it goes in the comments below!

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